Update On Tilton Farmers’ Market

I chose to discontinue the Market a few years ago because the area couldn’t  support a thriving Market. I’ve been informed that somebody is trying to revive a Market in the area. I have nothing to do with a Market in the Tilton area. My suggestion is to call the Tilton Town Hall ask for more information. Thank you. Joan O’Connor

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Popular Winter Farmers’ Market Seeking New Home

The Tilton Winter Farmers’ Market has satisfied the local food needs of thousands of area residents for the past four years and is currently seeking a new home to expand its operation. Market Manager Joan O’Connor is actively looking for a creative, community-spirited partner who can provide a site and site-related services for the coming winter season, December 2016 through April 2017.

She also hopes to expand this winter market into a year-round market.

“I’ve been so grateful for the four years of support from the Autoserv Dealerships of Tilton,” said Joan O’Connor.  “They stepped up and did a really good thing, not only for the Tilton community, but for communities far and wide.”  Autoserv offered O’Connor a reasonable lease for the market’s former location on Route 3 in Tilton, but now has a year-round tenant in that space.

The ideal indoor market location will have great road access and visibility, be 12-15,000 square feet indoors, with at least 100-150 parking spaces, and be minimally heated.  Although the market has had great success in the Lakes Region, O’Connor is expanding her view to include other parts of the state. “I can take this anywhere,” she said.

The market was named Editor’s Pick for the Best of New Hampshire 2013 awards in New Hampshire Magazine. “We had 50 vendors in the Tilton space, but I have a waiting list of 100 vendors wishing they could participate.  The market also had a steady stream of more than 1,200 customers coming through every weekend.  For a business interested in doing something great for their community and for local economic development, as well as assuming a high-profile leadership role, this is a win-win.” O’Connor also seeks donations and financial support for the expansion and relocation initiative.

Joan O’Connor, a resident of Henniker, has long been active on both agriculture and farmers’ markets initiatives in New Hampshire.  She founded the successful Concord Winter Farmers’ Market before creating the Tilton Winter Farmers’ Market in 2011.  She has been active as a volunteer on a variety of issues affecting small farms and producers in the state.  She currently serves as a board member for the Northeast Organic Farming Association of NH (NOFA-NH).  Most recently, she strategized with her State Representative and Senator to bring forward Senate Bill 306. This law now allows beer and wine tasting at farmers’ markets. To permit the sampling of beer and wine at farmers’ markets, NH joins several other states which also offer this marketing opportunity to local wineries and microbreweries.

Interested citizens or business owners who have ideas about a perfect location for a thriving indoor farmers’ market (or businesses and individuals interested in providing financial support) should contact Joan O’Connor by phone at 603.496.1718 or email at joconnornh@yahoo.com. For more information about the Tilton Winter
Farmers’ Market visit www.TiltonWinterFarmersMarket.com.

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The Search Continues

The season’s turning toward summer, and farmers marketeer Joan O’Connor is looking ahead to winter. Yes, she’s scanning the Tilton area horizons for the perfect location for the Tilton Winter Farmers’ Market.
After a one winter hiatus, following four astoundingly successful seasons on Route 3 in Tilton, in a building generously made available by AutoServ of Tilton, Joan remains persistent in her efforts to find a building. With the market’s following continuing to grow, even while it’s taking a break, Joan has no doubt that the need and energy exists in the community for a strong and vibrant winter market. The market’s Facebook page continues to grow in popularity—up 20 percent in the last year—a clear sign that the community is ready to support the market when it returns.
The perfect market location will have easy access, great visibility from the road, plenty of parking and will be about 12-15,000 square feet, minimally heated. Joan O’Connor has a track record of strong and creative partnerships with local businesses, and the market provides a fine opportunity for a business to step up to fill and important need in the community.
If you or anyone you know may be in a position to offer a location for the market, or if you have ideas of people for Joan to approach, please contact her at joconnornh@yahoo.com or 603-496-1718.
In the mean time, Happy Spring to all! Thanks for all you do to support local agriculture and farmers’ markets. We’ll see you soon!
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Winter Market Update: the Location Search Continues!


The turning of the leaves and nip in the air has us all looking ahead and preparing for winter! That includes searching for the perfect spot for the Tilton Winter Farmers’ Market.

After four years of an outrageously successful run at our former home on Route 3 in Tilton, we’re looking for a new home in the area. We’re grateful to the good people at AutoServ for their generosity and help during those years; we couldn’t have done it without them.

Finding just the right spot that offers easy access, lots of parking and plenty of space (approximately 12,000 square feet, indoors) is a challenge, but some good possibilities are out there!

It’s too soon for an announcement, but please stay in touch so you’ll hear the news first! You can subscribe to this site, and like us on Facebook, and you won’t miss a beat.

In the mean time, enjoy this beautiful fall season and your own preparations for winter. We’re doing our best to make sure that the Tilton Winter Farmers’ Market is an important part of your winter plans!

Oh, and if you know of that perfect spot, call Joan O’Connor at 603.496-1718 or email her today!

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Summer News

As the Tilton Winter Farmers’ Market winds up another great season, and with spring (sort of) coming our way, we’re all looking forward to a warm, fun summer. For this season, though, the Tilton Farmers’ Market will not be a part of that fun summer—we’re taking a break for the season. Don’t worry, we’ll be back next winter for sure! Thank you all for your support of both the summer and winter markets! See you soon!

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Tilton WINTER Farmers’ Market Opening December 13

TWFM1415postcard1upColorHey there! Are you getting your shopping list ready for the best winter farmers’ market in New Hampshire? Sure hope so!

Opening day of the Tilton Winter Farmers’ Market is set for Saturday, December 13, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For the 2014-2015 season, we’ll be open on Saturdays, every week through the end of March, and we’re expecting more than 50 vendors this year! Visit our winter market website and sign up for updates! See  you in a few weeks!

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Visit us at the Tanger Outlet Center
Friday Evenings
June 27 through September 26, 2014
3 to 7 p.m.

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